About us

We have been preserving and screening films since 1938…

The Royal Belgian Film Archive

The Film Archive is a Public Utility Foundation. It is a bi-communal institution, which is subsidized by the Federal Ministry of Science Policy and also enjoys permanent support from the National Lottery.

The Film Archive aims:

- to collect and preserve a collection of films that have lasting value on an aesthetic, technical and historical level.

- to gather as much documentation about cinema as possible.

- to ensure consultation of these films and documents (with an aesthetic or scientific purpose).

- to share our passion for cinema and films


In the Baron Hortastreet 9, 1000 Brussels...

... in the heart of the Palais des Beaux-Arts designed by Victor Horta and in Studio Agnès Varda of FLAGEY, the projectors light up every day to show the films preserved by the Royal Belgian Film Archive. With 3000 screenings per year, film history can be discovered through retrospectives, festivals, meetings, previews, seminars, conferences ...

On screen: contemporary or older work, films of all genres, from fiction or documentary to B-movies, or silent film with live piano accompaniment. In their original version, usually with bilingual subtitles.


In the Ravensteinstreet 3, 1000 Brussels...

... in the reading room you can consult 5,000 international magazines, 60,000 books, 800,000 photos, 3,000,000 press clippings, posters, festival catalogs, film scripts as well as private or institutional archives.


In our film archives, our collections are stored on 13,000 m2 at 5 ° / 35% RH. In total, 180,000 copies and negatives of 85,000 titles on 35mm, 16mm, 8mm, 9.5mm, 28mm, UMatic, VHS, DVD, Betacam, Bluray or DCP. Here, films are identified, their condition is assessed and the copies are inventoried, the perforations repaired, and the prints prepared for screening. Here the analog and digital restorations take place, films are transferred from one support to another, from flammable to non-flammable film, and from film to digital supports. This is where the material for our DVD releases comes from, and for the exchanges and collaborations with film archives and festivals around the world.

Annual Reports

2018 > 2020

Annual Reports (French)
Cinematheque royale de Belgique Rapport d'activite 2018.pdf

Annual Report 2018 (French)

Cinematheque royale de Belgique Rapport d'activite 2019.pdf

Annual Report 2019 (French)

Cinematheque royale de Belgique Rapport d'activite 2020.pdf

Annual Report 2020 (French)

Cinematheque royale de Belgique Rapport d'activite 2021.pdf

Annual Report 2021 (French)

Cinematheque royale de Belgique Rapport d'activite 2022.pdf

Annual Report 2022 (French)

The annual reports are available only in French and Dutch. Older annual reports can be consulted at the library or by contacting secretariat@cinematek.be