A group activity at CINEMATEK is a joy for all ages. Motion pictures are ubiquitous today, yet film was only invented 125 years ago, in 1895. We tell the story of the science, technology and magic with which people move images through fascinating objects, adapted to each specific group. Have the unique experience of a silent film with live music, simply organize a private screening for your group, or choose from the workshops for young filmfans

CINEMATEK à la carte

CINEMATEK continues to offer families, colleagues and groups exclusive and intimate private screenings for their social bubble.

For €150, you and your social bubble can choose one of 75 films à la carte, a diverse list of popular films, in all kinds of genres and styles, from silent films with piano to Wong Kar-Wai's Chunking Express from 1994. For screenings of silent films, there is an additional charge of €100 for the pianist.

Every day at 8 pm CINEMATEK offers the Plateau room for you and your bubble.

Book with desired dates and specific films via info@cinematek.be

Download the pdf with the 75 titles to choose from here: 75 Films à la carte

Guided visit including silent film

After the welcome to CINEMATEK with a brief explanation of our work, the guided tour consists of two parts:

- In the Wunderkammer, you can take a look at the most important steps in the making of films in chronological order, starting with Chinese shadow theater and going through Edison and Lumière. This part of the tour lasts approximately 60 minutes. The guide can tailor her story to the prior knowledge, age and interests of your group.

- Finally, your group will enjoy a silent short film. This screening will last approximately 30 minutes.


- Group rate for adults: €100/group (max. 15 visitors)
- Special price for schools: €60/group (max. 15 visitors)
- Larger groups (max. 30 visitors) are split up and the projection of the silent film (60 minutes) alternates with the first part of the visit (60 minutes).

Guided tours are possible in Dutch, French or English on a weekday during the day.

More information or reservations via

Private Screening

At a private screening, you and your group enjoy a film in the comfort of our large Ledoux room with 117 seats.

Choose a film from our collection or opt for CINEMATEK's house specialty: silent films accompanied by live piano.

Price: upon request

- Request a quote for a private screening via info@cinematek.be
- Please include the desired film(s), dates and times in your request.
- Preferential rates for schools and screenings during the day, Monday to Friday.

Film schools, directors and professionals can show their own film in our two screening rooms during a private screening. For companies and organisations, there is more information about an activity or customised options at our venue rental page.

Workshops for children

From September onwards, we will again organise workshops for children and schools. More news will follow soon.

Het Servais universum

60' |Max. 15 leerlingen | CINEMATEK + gratis bezoek aan EXPO Belvue | vanaf 6 jaar | €95

ANIMATIE (60', CINEMATEK + gratis bezoek aan EXPO Raoul Servais Belvue)

Wie is Raoul Servais? Wat is zijn cinematografische carrière en zijn meest ingenieuze uitvindingen? Stap voor stap en beeld voor beeld zullen we de wereld van Raoul Servais verkennen, tussen realisme en magie.

Raoul Servais tussen magie en realisme

Praktische informatie


De data van de animatie en de vertoning worden met de leerkracht overeengekomen.


Maandag 9.30 - 15.30 uur (in de klas, CINEMATEK- gesloten)

Dinsdag 9.30 - 16.00 uur

Woensdag 9.30 - 12.00 uur

Donderdag 9.30 - 14.30 uur

Vrijdag 9.30 - 16.00 uur

Het wordt aanbevolen om ten minste 2 weken van tevoren te reserveren.


Tel: 02 551 19 49 of 02 551 19 47

E-mail : scolaires@cinematek.be