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Discover the cinema selection we bring to Flagey, Studio 5 - Agnès Varda.

How do you not only represent an event, but make it tactile and pungent? Steve McQueen accomplishes this with an unrelenting approach, through a frank confrontation with the subject matter, and by realizing an uncompromising proximity with it. McQueen’s films focus on subjective experience, and anchors his audience into that experience. That way, “history” hardly feels so distant.


11.11 > 14.11

BAFF 2021

From 11.11 to 14.11, CINEMATEK is hosting the BAFF - Brussels Art Film Festival for the fifth time. Join us for a selection of short and long documentaries that explore artistic practices as varied as dance, painting, music, literature or architecture. The competition will feature 16 recent films with a link to Belgium, three of which will be awarded prizes by a jury at the end of the weekend.

BAFF is also programming an international panorama of the best recent films, most of which have never been shown in Belgium. A unique opportunity to discover unsuspected artists, practices, stories and visions of the world.

17.09 > 17.09

Thierry Zéno

Thierry Zéno is a forerunner in the history of Belgian cinema, both in terms of international recognition and in terms of brilliant craftsmanship and absolute daring. Add his 3 defining films, carefully restored by CINEMATEK, to your DVD - collection: Wedding Trough, Of the Dead and Bouche sans fond ouverte sur les horizons. Published in collaboration with the CINEMATHÈQUE DE LA FÉDÉRATION WALLONIE-BRUXELLES.


Throughout the year, the permanent history of silent cinema, from the birth of cinema to the advent of speaking. often with live piano music accompaniment.

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