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By the time the curtain came down on the silent era, Chaplin was the most heralded filmmaker in the world: from America to Stalin’s Russia, he was universally recognised as an undisputed genius of an art form that he had helped become the most popular in the world. If the word “masterpiece” has been overused to the point of being almost spurned in the history of cinema, it resurfaces every time one of his most famous films is mentioned. Everything has been said, everything has been written about this consummate artist (from the outset he was granted absolute control over his films, from concept to theatrical release, a rare thing for his time), and yet much more remains to be said about his outstanding oeuvre, so deeply ingrained in our collective memory. Something to savour during this festive period like no other.

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Viewed and loved by millions of Iranians while hated and ridiculed by film critics, Iranian popular cinema, pejoratively labeled as filmfarsi, was one of the most thriving film industries in the Middle East relying on generic conventions, character stereotyping, and a star system. Seen after the 1979 revolution as emblematic of moral corruption and « westoxification », it was banned and attempts were made to make it indefinitely inaccessible, erasing any signs of it.


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Muscle Men


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Hommage à Kenneth Anger

Né Kenneth Wilbur Anglemyer en 1927, Kenneth Anger, disparu cette année, était l’un des (si pas le) premiers auteurs de l’âge d’or du cinéma d’avant-garde, underground, et expérimental américain d’après-guerre. Issu d’une famille de la classe moyenne assez aisée, fasciné par le cinéma dès son plus jeune âge, Anger réalise son premier film à l’âge de 10 ans, suivi de plusieurs autres à l’adolescence.


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Phoney Psychics