De inhoudelijke en educatieve insteek kan variëren van het schetsen van het historisch kader, filmtheoretische duiding rond genres of filmtechnieken tot omkadering met oog voor het genderspectrum, racisme en de impact van film op representatie.


60 ans de cinéma Algérien

Autour des 60 ans du cinéma algérien

CINEMATEK vous propose un rendez-vous avec le cinéma algérien chaque mardi et samedi soir de ces 3 prochains mois.

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The Western and neoliberal construction of queerness tends to ignore or even take a condescending view of alternative histories and genealogies, often portraying non-Western queer people as nameless victims without agency.

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Agnès Varda, born in Ixelles, revolutionised the art of filmmaking through her idiosyncratic films and inspired several generations of filmmakers and artists Inspired by the Jacques Ledoux exhibition, we would like to take a closer look at her career as a filmmaker and her strong bond with Jacques Ledoux. Some people have called the dynamic duo: “Two free electrons within the force field of cinema.”

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One hundred years ago, Jacques Ledoux was born. This autumn, we pay tribute to the man who shaped CINEMATEK to become both an institution that cannot be ignored at the international level, as well as a place of exchange where, every day, the adventure of the 7th art is carefully exhibited in the widest possible spectrum.

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With #agedor, CINEMATEK illuminates the history and actuality of avant-garde film.

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The man who had his hair cut short is one of the first Belgian films with an international career. The screenplay of this debut film by André Delvaux, one of the classics of Flemish magic-realist cinema, is based on the novel of the same name by Johan Daisne. The main character, lawyer Govert Miereveld, teaches at a girls' school in a provincial town. He harbours a secret platonic love for his pupil Fran, which plunges him into a downward spiral of mental disorientation.

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Before the emergence of the sound film, from 1895 to the 1930s, "silent" films shaped the visual grammar of cinema for the first time. CINEMATEK takes a specific and consistent approach to screening 'silent' films: our talented pianists improvise on the spot to accompany the film images.

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Film Genres

So Bad It's Great

In cooperation with SCC, this summer we offer an educational and scholarly look at the charm and value of 'bad movies'. Jeremi Szaniawski wrote a short text in which he frames this educational film cycle within the context of our current health crisis. On 28.06 Michael Cramer will elaborate (also in French) on the 'demonic' Italian cinema of Lamberto Bava (but also Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Claudio Fragasso...).

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Âge d'Or

Âge d'Or History

L'Âge d'Or was created by Jacques Ledoux, founder of the Film Museum. L'Âge d'Or is the name of the surrealist feature film by Luis Buñuel from 1930. For Ledoux, this was the pre-eminent example of a film in which innovative language makes the subversiveness of the content even more pungent.

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Âge d'Or / Silent Film

Fernand Schirren

Fernand Schirren (1920-2001) is an eccentric musician and composer who chose anything but a traditional historical-oriented approach, he left his avant-garde stamp on the film, dance and music world at home and abroad.

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