Chantal Vey

Pier Paolo Pasolini



In the footsteps of Pier Paolo Pasolini

by Chantal Vey

The French visual artist Chantal Vey, who lives and works in Brussels, has traveled "the road taken by Pasolini on this journey, but in reverse. The journey he describes in his book La Longue route de sable and which coincides with the film Comizi d'Amore.

This journey is the main theme of this exhibition. Digital and plastic works by the artist will be mixed with documents testifying of the presence of the illustrious author, of a dialogue made up of wandering and encounters, without a precise goal and drawing a path in the space, like a mise en abîme of this quest.

The artist publication is on sale at the reception and online : Sur La Route De Pier Paolo Pasolini : contro-corrente, Chantal Vey

Curator of the exhibition: Maëlle Delaplanche

We recommend to combine your visit of the exhibition with a screening of a Pasolini film, check out our retrospective.

Free Entry
05.03 2022 > 30.04 2022
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