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Jeune Jolie

Discover the cinema selection we bring to Flagey, Studio 5 - Agnès Varda.

Director François Ozonchanges genres and styles so prolifically—from the Hitchcockian thrillers Swimming Pool over the cheery musical 8 Women, Frantz, a black and white Franco-German tale on loss and self-discovery in the wake of World War I to L’Amant double, a cine-literate plunge into the seedy underbelly of erotic thrillers —that he's a tough auteur to pin down.
He does not make the same film twice and keeps exploring new genres in which to demonstrate his wit and visual trickery.
If there's a common denominator, it may be the feeling that love is possible, but relationships are doomed to failure or death. That cynicism pervades Ozon's crisp marital drama 5x2, which follows a couple from the end of their marriage to the beginning of their courtship, with pointed stops in between.


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CINEMATEK à la carte
CINEMATEK à la carte

CINEMATEK continues to offer families, colleagues and groups exclusive and intimate private screenings for their social bubble.


The library has a rich collection of books, specialized magazines, press clippings, photos and posters about film and cinema.

Our Collections
Chantal Akerman Collection
Chantal Akerman Collection

CINEMATEK not only conserves all the films of this masterful director, but also manages her entire archive.


In the Wunderkammer, the history of film is brought to life through various interactive showcases, starting from the Chinese shadow play to the cinematograph of the Lumière brothers.


Covid Safe Ticket

In view of the evolution of the number of contaminations, CINEMATEK is reintroducing, in addition to the compulsory mask and CST, a 70% limit on the capacity of its cinemas.

Welcoming you to a film in safe conditions remains one of our main objectives.

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Order our new Thierry Zéno dvd.

Thierry Zéno is a forerunner in the history of Belgian cinema, both in terms of international recognition and in terms of brilliant craftsmanship and absolute daring. Add his 3 defining films, carefully restored by CINEMATEK, to your DVD collection: Wedding Trough, Of the Dead and Bouche sans fond ouverte sur les horizons. Available in presale from 25/08.