News from Home in Context: Minimalist Reverberations in Chantal Akerman’s Cinema  

Charlotte Wynant 

During her séjour in New York Akerman immersed herself in the work of the Minimalist avant-garde, acquainting herself with the contemporaneous dance and performance art, structural cinema and Minimalist music. News from Home bears witness to the profound impression the aesthetic shifts of the 1970s left on her directorial development and unveils key principles she would adhere to throughout the rest of her oeuvre. This talk examines the film in its broader art historical context to shed light on the many-faceted history behind Akerman’s austere aesthetics.

Lecture in English by Charlotte Wynant (currently writing a PhD thesis on reductive aesthetics in the cinema of Marguerite Duras at the Research Centre for Visual Poetics, University of Antwerp).


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