Cyclus van kleinigheden / Cycle des bagatelles / Zyklus von Kleinigkeiten

BW ⁄ 88' ⁄ SUBS: EN

Ana Torfs, België - Belgique / Nederland - Pays-Bas / Oostenrijk - Autriche, 1998, George Van Dam, Guy Dermul, Alain Franco, Bart Meuleman, Hilde Wils

In the margin of the sketches for his composition ‘Bagatelles’ opus 126 Ludwig Van Beethoven wrote: ‘Ciclus von Kleinigkeiten’. The word ‘bagatelle’ means a trinket, niknak, bauble, trifle… These ‘little things’ demonstrate the extent to which the composer had moved beyond conventional generic models inherited from the classical tradition toward the conception of a musical work made up by a number of strongly contrasting miniatures. ZYKLUS VON KLEINIGKEITEN (Cycle of Trifles) is the only feature film by visual artist Ana Torfs. For this radical conceptual movie she drew upon Ludwig Van Beethoven’s so-called ‘conversation books’.

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