The Nubah of the Women of Mount Chenoua
La Nouba des femmes du mont Chenoua

155' ⁄ ST - OND: EN

Assia Djebar, Algeria 1977, Zohra Sahraoui, Aïcha Medeljar, Fatma Serhan

“Assia Djebar always listens as much as she watches and records, from the special, not to say privileged perspective of a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary woman. Her vision is therefore unique.”David Wills University at Albany-SUNY

“When she films La Nouba, Djebar views her appropriation of the camera as a challenge to colonial and patriarchal domination, an important political and symbolic event in the liberation and empowerment of Algerian women.”Mimi Mortimer University of Colorado, Boulder

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