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Movie Review of Cosmopolis

I feel like I have gotten to the point where I can only write about movies that are either very good or very bad. I suppose this is because these are the types of movies that stir my emotions. After seeing Loopers this week, I made myself a New Years resolution to not waste my time on any more such nonsense. I am breaking my resolution already because last night after I watched Cosmopolis, I was really pissed. Watch movies on free movies sites please like 123 movies - don't waste your money.

David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis, which is based on a book by Don Dellio in 2003, is such an absurd, ridiculous movie that you have to wonder who in the world would spend money to create such garbage. Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) is supposedly some high-powered billionaire capitalist that is driven around in a fancy limousine while he buys and trades global currencies. Packer apparently has so much money that he is totally aloof to the world outside. When he takes time out from the trading which he does on his limo-computers, he consults with guards, consultants, hookers, doctors, and even his wife, in endless riddle-born metaphors that make absolutely no sense at all. The movie had me reaching for my remote control end-all switch numerous times, but I held on thinking that there might be some point to the gobbledygook.

After watching the ending, I thought to myself "What exactly was the point of all of this? That too much money can leave you brain dead? Or is it, the people that watch films like this are brain dead? I was challenged by the conundrum, so I read some other reviewers articles who thought it was a smart movie. Don't you just hate it when people write about something that they feel is sublime; yet you feel is total rubbish.

Don't be fooled by people who promote movies for money: Cosmopolis is first class trash. (Running time: too long; Rated S for stupid.)

My Rating: 1 out of 5 (one point for Blu-ray).