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Dans le cadre de: L'Âge d'Or Prize 2015

d'Ute Aurand, Friedl vom Gröller, Helmut Völter, Claudio Caldini, Claudio Caldini, John Skoog, John Skoog

2015-10-08 17:00 2015-10-08 17:00 Europe/Brussels L’ÂGE D’OR PRIZE 4 CINEMATEK - Salle Ledoux
Sakura, Sakura
d'Ute Aurand, Allemagne 2014
couleur / no dialogue / 3'

“Sakura, Sakura is a two minute film about two Japanese ladies, whom I met in Nara and Roppongi while filming another film, Young Pines, in Japan in 2010.” (Ute Aurand)
27.12.2013 St. Louis Senegal
de Friedl vom Gröller, Autriche 2014
NB / silent / 3'

The evocation of a neighbourhood in the city of Saint-Louis in Senegal with the aid of two camera movements that influence each other through an overlay, made in the camera itself during filming: a pan on a dilapidated square, doubled with an another pan showing a series of portraits of local men staring into the camera lens.
Masanao Abe – Cloudgraphy
de Helmut Völter, Allemagne 2015
NB / silent / 6'

In 1927, the Japanese physicist Masanao Abe built an observatory with a view of Mount Fuji. From this, over the course of fifteen years, he recorded the clouds that surrounded the mountain. He was interested in the scientific question of how the air currents around Fuji could be visualized by means of film and photography.
Untitled Film 2007
de Claudio Caldini, Argentine 2007
NB / silent / 3'
Untitled Film 2015
de Claudio Caldini, Argentine 2015
NB / silent / 5'

Ruins of a ceramic factory, abandoned greenhouses and a failed resort on the coast of the South Atlantic as prophecies of entropy.
de John Skoog, Suède 2014
NB / ST: EN / 14'
de John Skoog, Suède 2014
NB / no dialogue / 15'

In Shadowland images from the Californian landscape pass by at slow pace. Shot on b&w 16mm, the multifarious environment seems to be a place that functions outside the realm of time. Fragments of recognition and memory are resurrected by revisiting locations that have “played” other parts in the world in early Hollywood films. Echoes of classical films are heard within a collage constructed of audio fragments borrowed from the films in question. The practically abandoned landscape acts as the protagonist in an exciting drama that could unfold at any moment.
Sakura, sakura (Aurand, 2014)
27.12.2013 St. Louis Senegal (Vom Gröller, 2014)
Masanao Abe - Cloudgraphy (Völter, 2015)
Untitled film 2015 (Caldini, 2015)
Shadowland (Skoog, 2014)